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The most powerful RECIPE MANAGER and NUTRITIONAL REFERENCE TOOL available for OS X.


Manage your recipes with the most powerful recipe manager and nutritional reference tool available for Macintosh™ and OS X.

A Cook's Books simplifies entering recipes by allowing you to import them from multiple sources. If you have hundreds (or thousands?) of recipes in programs like MasterCook, MealMaster, Cook'n, MacGourmet, or Connoisseur, simply export them from your old program and import them into A Cook's Books. You can also import recipes from text or even manually enter them.

Scale recipes up or down by amount or by servings.

Locate recipes using a powerful Find feature that can search on multiple criteria, such as Ingredient, Region/Category, Course, Cooking Method, Author, and Publication.

Track the nutritional value of your meals. A Cook's Boks will calculate the nutrition of each recipe.

Plan meals for any period of time from one day to 4 weeks with A Cook's Books ground breaking planner.

Create shopping lists from the planner. Better yet, create a Pantry and have A Cook's Books check it for items that are on hand when it creates the shopping list. Then save the shopping list to an iPod.

Use powerful tools to edit multiple recipes at one time.

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Version 1.0 - $39.95 US

Lifetime License - 99.95 US.

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Add and edit recipes: A Cook's Books is a power-user's dream.

  • Practically mouse-free recipe entry. A Cook's Books creates dummy ingredients when adding or editing recipes. This simple feature allows continuous ingredient entry without the need of requesting a 'new' ingredient.
  • Ingredient autofill based on the USDA nutritional database.
  • Measurement autofill with fully-customizable units of measure.
  • 'Clone' an existing recipe to speed up entering recipes with common elements.
  • Use sub-recipes. These are recipes that A Cook's Books treats like ingredients. A quick example could be White Sauce or Roux. Enter the recipe once, tell A Cook's Books it's a recipe.

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Import recipe: A Cook's Books imports recipes from most major recipe programs and some not so major:

  • MasterCook for Macintosh™ and MasterCook PC − single or multiple recipe files.
  • Meal Masterfor Macintosh™ and Meal Master PC − single or multiple recipe files.
  • FileMaker Pro (FMP) based recipe managers such as Cookware Deluxe, Computer Cuisine, and Mis en Place. In fact, you can import any FMP-based recipe, even home-grown ones.
  • Cook'n − The PC world's hottest new recipe program.
  • Yum! − single or multiple recipe files (Macintosh™).
  • The Recipe Manager
  • I've also had several customers successfully import recipes from Excel.

ACBK Recipe Pane

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Nutritional analysis: A Cook's Books calculates nutritional values based on the USDA (SR23) Nutrition Database and newly-available trans-fatty acid data.

  • View the complete nutritional breakdown of any recipe.
  • Print a partial nutritional breakdown with your recipe.
  • Lookup nutrition for any food listed in the USDA database.
  • Add foods to the nutrition database.

ACBK Nutrition Display

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Export recipes: Export recipes in MasterCook format for your friends on the 'Dark Side.'

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Set a font preference for printing: Especially helpful to myopic folks like me − I can make the font really BIG.

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Recipe Illustration: Visualize what the dish is supposed to look like.

  • Supports any resolution, and any one of a number of formats, JPEG, TIFF, PICT, etc.

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Powerful Find: Find recipes by multiple criteria.

  • Use any of these criteria: ingredients, course, title, publication, author, region, or cooking method.
  • Combine search criteria, for example: find Region - Italy and Ingredients - Chicken and White wine.
  • Save search criteria for reuse as a QuickList item.

ACBK Find Panel

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Scale recipes: Save money by scaling recipes to fit your family needs.

  • Scale by quantity.
  • Scale by servings − requires an existing serving amount.
  • Scale recipes from the menu planner.
  • Print scaled recipes.

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Email recipes: Send your favorite new recipes to your friends, neighbors, and countrymen.

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Delete Recipes: Recipe isn't great? Delete it. Got a bunch you don't like? Select as many as you want and delete them all. Don't worry, the program asks if you REALLY want to do that.

ACBK Illustration Sheet

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Planners: Plan for the day, week, or month with the most powerful meal planner on the market.

  • Select unlimited recipes per day.
  • Scale recipes right in the planner.
  • Print recipes right in the planner.
  • Save daily, weekly, or full-month meal plans for reuse.
  • Create a shopping list.

ACBK Planner

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Integrated Pantry: Use the power of a pantry to simplify shopping list creation.

  • Define how you cook, create a personalized pantry.
  • Have A Cook's Books remove pantry items from the shopping list. Or not. You decide.
  • Keep track of stale dates.

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Create Shopping Lists:

  • Print lists sorted by category or alphabetically, you decide.
  • Customize Shopping List Categories.
  • Includes ingredients for sub-recipes.
  • Save Shopping List as a text file for transfer to a PDA or iPod.

ACBK Shopping List

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Print recipes: This is the number one reason I wrote the program.

  • No more smudging expensive cookbooks. And, if you're cooking multiple things at once, print them all out and tape them up on the cupboards.

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Reference items:

  • Roasting temperature and time charts
  • Measurement cross-reference
  • USDA SR23 Nutrition Database

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Powerful Editing Tools:

  • Power Tools for editing attributes of multiple recipes, working with the food database, Pantry, and shopping list.

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System requirements:

  • Minimum requirements: Macintosh™ OS X 10.6 or later.

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A Cook's Books (v 2.0.0)

A Cook's Books

Download Zip Archive 10.6 MB


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